Bowling Excursion at Midway Lanes

April 13, 2002


I love bowling shoes. They're such a pastiche of color and texture!


Bowling: An All American Sport


Carrie and Oak: Bowlers Extraordinaire!


Jason has savvy bowling style. Nice form!


What? You mean we're not supposed to aim for the gutters? No wonder I'm losing!


Jason in Bowlingland. The Chesire Cat got scared away when we started hurling 12 pound balls at him.


I think the secret to bowling is in ball selection. You don't want a ball that's too heavy or too light, or one that your fingers get stuck in. The perfect ball can make or break your game.


Do you think it's going to make it to the pins this time?


And he says he hasn't bowled in four years! He obviously has natural talent.



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