New Year's Eve

(And my 22nd Birthday)


First of all, California is just plain great.  They have FLOWERS IN JANUARY. What the heck!  Who ever heard of such a thing.


And not just a few little measly flowers either--there are LOTS!


What is it about newly cut hair that makes it so much more fun to play with than regular everyday hair?


"My head is too big to hold up, so I'll just rest it on these cozy down mattresses."



It's New Year's Eve and we're going to Melissť!


Juliette and Ian are coming too


Woo! Partay. Gotta love the DJs who play YMCA. Hehehe.


Aunty B and Uncle G


Aren't these hats great?!


Gosh, that last glass of wine really went to my head...


Is it Midnight yet?


Every year for the New Year's celebration, the people at Melissť design these amazing candelabras with fresh fruit, flowers, crystals, candles...they're beautiful and very tastefully done.  Martha would approve.


T'ai, the Pastry Chef I worked with, and Josiah, the Chef at Melissť, cut up a rug on the dance floor.


Fun night!  Happy New Year!  (Inside that box are truffles that I helped make!)


And the flowers just keep blossoming!


Off for another day in the kitchens--this time at a restaurant in L.A.


And then we get to eat there--Watergrill--with great company!  What more could a girl ask for?!


Playing with the camera after din-din...


Isn't Soho the cutest dog ever!? He has a sister Chelsea who also lives here, but apparently my bias is showing b/c I didn't get any pictures of her--oops!


A Santa Monica Sunset.


Mustafa comes over for some private cooking lessons.  We made pizza, soups, salad and dressing, cookies, homemade ice was ridiculous!!  And then we made the ultimate bouche du noel (A.K.A. yule log).


Wa la!


Another Santa Monica sunset.


Another "I took it myself-er." Lovely.


Back in NY--birthday dinner with the Fam.  Awww yeah!! :-D  That is one serious chocolate cake!