Easter Vacation in

Duck, North Carolina

March 24 - March 30, 2002


Our beach house was fittingly named "Retreat."


Dad, Bren and me: sipping a fine Cabernet while enjoying the ocean view from the great room.


My favorite beach-side creature: PELICANS!!


Mom in the kitchen. Washing dishes as the ocean zephyrs waft through the open window makes the task somewhat more bearable.


Seth: self-portrait.


Quality Sister Bonding time at the beach


It's definitely not as warm here as it is as home (in Santa Monica), but we're having a good time!


Hmm...my brothers' faces seem to be frozen in this attractive position. I hope it's not hereditary.


I try to teach Ben how to Salsa (because I'm such a pro myself....NOT!) :-D


Lesson Two: This dance is called "Tell Me The News." Dance instruction given by Maestro Benjamin Crane.


We should go on Lawrence Welk together. All we need are bubbles!


Nobody can resist us! We are a family dancing sensation! HOT! HOT! HOT!


North Carolina at Night; it's a magical place.


It's about that time...who could resist?



Our first Dirty Dick Experience


"I can't believe we're eating at a restaurant whose marketing tactic revolves around genital lice."


Hoo-Ha! Wouldya lookit that there BIG boat o' crab!


Me and Sethy got us some tasty ribs. Good thing each table comes with its own roll of paper towels!


Woo! That last margerita really did me in. (Okay, okay so it was my first and last...who's counting?)






Can we go on vacation more often? (Seth is thinking "If she doesn't get off me right now I'm going to show her what a real headlock looks like.")


Did you forget your toothbrush at home?


Uncle Gerry bought us soooo much yummy ice cream. Seriously, at one point we had at least 10 gallons in the freezer. OMG--YUMMERS!


After getting a wee bit lost on the way home, Phoebe and I finally arrive in New Jersey around 3 AM Easter morning. At one point (while we were taking the "scenic route") we saw a bunny in someone's front yard! Isn't that awesome!?!? That was the first time I've ever seen a real bunny on Easter morning in my whole life! After getting a good night's sleep, Chef Phoebe prepares a scrumpcious Easter breakfast; complete with crepes garnished with lemon juice, sprinkled sugar and fresh fruit and champagne mimosas. How pretty our Easter Ribbon Napkin Rings are too! Martha would definitely approve.


Lassie, I mean Maggie: sporting her festive Easter scarf!


"Oooh I'm such a cute puppy! How can you resist me?" "Tranquilize yourself, Maggie! Tranquilize, tranquilize!"





I got my crabs from Dirty Dick!