Dickinson Community Semi-Formal

Friday, April 12, 2002 7:00 PM


The girls.


The boy. "Ooh la la. I think it's my lucky night!"


Pucker Up!


Such festive napkin-ry! The contrasting colors are fab.


And crayons too...this is over the top! What more could a girl ask for?


Mmm...tasty salad! And, Bonus: It's got enough lettuce to feed an oversized rabbit for several weeks.


Justin and Dawn.


One of the paper maché ceiling decorations.


Adam and Jess.


The Fork: what an amazing invention!


WHOA! Did you know that Justin can apparate a ball of fire on command? Such talent!


Who knew flowers could provide such entertainment?


Din-din: chicken and roasted vegetables.


Or, for the vegetarians, risotto with mini-pine tree and tomato slices.


The best and most important part of the meal: Berry Sorbet.


Or cheesecake...


Which, apparently was mighty tasty...Lup Lup Luscious!


Sorbet for me though...it was intensely berry and came with an edible cookie spoon!


Luis and Caitlin get their groove on.