Kristina, Matt, and the Keuka Limited team throw a riot of a going away party for Dave and I in celebration of another GREAT summer together on the Lake!!

The Cottage Crew

The Lakeside Girls

Absolute Keuka
I think "Absolute-ly trashed" is a better description of the evening's activities! Matt and Gino start the night off right with a refreshing citrus beverage (or two).

You've got to be joking.
I drove 300 miles for this?! (Arantxia is actually saying something in Spanish, but at this point we're in no state to translate)...

Beaner and Colleen: Livin' it up. *Interesting Anectdote: Beaner laughs exactly like one of the guys from Beavis and Butthead.

Steve Sandwhich
Who needs hot ham?! I think we make a pretty irresistible lunch treat!

Man In Black
Gino tries to blend into the night in his debonair black Tee, but alas...

AIE Aiee AIEeee!!! Whriiiit whroeeeooh!
Can you hear the cat calls resounding across the lake?

Speaking of wild animals...
Doesn't Deb have a tongue like a giraffe? *The average giraffe tongue is thirteen inches long!

Group photo! (sort of...)
Actually this is only about 4% of the group, but here they are clockwise from top left: Arantxia, Diana, Matt, Deb, Jackie, Courtney, Shira, Gino.

More surprises!
Pat, who while at work seems somewhat shy, very polite, laid-back, and quiet, shows up with his very own beer funnel!

I think Deb just bit the tip of her tongue off!

After the smoke (from the propane tanks that tipped over) clears and the fire engines leave, we settle down for a good night's rest...

And someone takes our pictures!!!
Kenny sleeps...

Musical pillows
Apparently Gino doesn't like the head of the bed.

Beaner sleeps
...and drools! Oh dear.

The Blackmail Photo Culprit

But the next day we're up and at 'em again!

Cultural Breakfast
Diana introduces us to high quality papaya...

Hunky assists in cutting up the papaya...

Hungover gourmands
Which, we find, compliments our leftover caramel fondue perfectly! Yummers!

Go Jump in the lake!
A nice long swim in the lake is just what we need before hitting downtown Hammondsport for some scrumpscious lunch!
Cool Funks
Fab friends, fab party!

More Fab Photos