Nicole's Birthday Celebration

at Kampai

March 11, 2002


What exotic architecture! Are we in Japan?!


Waiting for our table...excited about the cultural experience that awaits us!


Now, now, girls. Is that any way to behave at a restaurant?!


Authentic (?) Japanese Decór


Sushi Bar



How do you say Happy Birthday in Japanese?


Aren't these little plates so cute! I was going to steal one, but then I realized that I wouldn't actually have anything to use it for since I don't have my own Japanese restaurant.


This may look like two tastefully presented cups of urine, however it is actually deliciously healthy green tea.


What an aesthetically pleasing table setting at our personal Hibachi grill!


<Insert Japanese character for "Uno!" here>


<Insert Japanese character for "Dos!" here>


<Insert Japanese character for "Tres!" here>


American girl in the Orient.