Justin's Birthday Celebration

May 9, 2002

(Also, our last night out together as Juniors!! AAHGIAH!!)


Hello, Frances--NO, WE ARE NOT ready to go yet!!


Cheers! And that's where we're headed to later--a coincidence? I think not.


Dawn and Laura!


It's good to stay tight with the bartenders.


Frances: obviously ready to go out. (Notice I had to tie my canopy back because she always ends up sitting on it and tearing the whole thing down--it's just safer this way).


"It's my birthday I can cry if I want to...but I'd rather partake in this yummy beverage." ***


We're trying to dance and show you our matching shoes at the same time...but it's not really working so much. (Who is that hiding behind us?)


Dawn to the rescue!! Caitlin has pink flowered flippers and I have the yellow flowered floppers. These are a Wal*Mart special--only $4. Tragically, I had to throw away my old pink and orange flip flops, which were getting pretty gross from two years of Binghamton showers.


Are you going to keep those things in your hair all night or what? (Whoever took this picture is now on my Wanted: Dead or Alive list).


Laura and Nicole: feelin' happy!

***Note, although some people in these photographs who are not yet 21 THINK they are drinking alcoholic beverages, they really are not. Caitlin and I (as hostesses) took the trouble of refilling alcoholic bottles with nonalcoholic liquids before our guests arrived. But, Shhhhhhhh! Let's not spoil the fun for them now.