August 5-9, 2004
First night at home and a real Upstate New York Summertime Dinner: corn on the cob, hamburgers, hot dogs, and veggies from the garden!
Ben and his hair have have both grown about six feet since I saw them last.
The next afternoon, after a fabulous lunch at Two Vine, we drive by our old house (which was a major fixer-upper that Mom and Dad transformed into what you see here).
The next night (after a nine hour drive from New Jersey) Phoebe, John and Sydney arrive. Diana and Nicki come too and we have another fabulous dinner!
Reunited at last!
Sydney decides that she could definitely get used to all this extra attention.
It's never too early to contemplate a career in watchmaking.
Looks like someone's getting hungry...
Four courses (Cheerios, peas and carrots, watermelon, and of course the cheese course) later, Little Chompers is a happy baby again.
The traditional after-dinner concert commences...
Seth and Nick serenade us with a lively rendition of an old favorite.
"Do you think he'll let me play with his glasses...?"
Time for bed!
The next morning, baby chompers is looking awfully cute in her little pink jumper (though she seems a little disgruntled about waking herself up so early...perhaps a nap is in order!).
Aaahhhh, forget naps. It's playtime!
Sydney is very excited about Phoebe's newly washed hair.
"I'm going to be a supermodel someday!"
Later that day, baby and family leave and Hansi and I head to the lake for a rendezvous with the Keuka Ltd. crew. Mom and Dad have made serious progress at The Rock. All of the restorative masonry work on the stone part of the building has been completed! (A MAJOR undertaking).

In addition, Ray Kolo has done some major landscaping...

There's a field where there once was a mountain!
A secret path into the forest.
A new stone stairway.
The Lake!
After a night on the town, we head back to the Rock to crash.
The next day, it's the lake: swimming, tubing, relaxing on the water.
Cruisin' on Keuka with Kenny!! ("Word uuuup! H- O- to-the-T!")
I haven't seen water in three months and try to soak in as much as I can. I am convinced that there is nothing more theraputic than swimming in the middle of our beloved Keuka.
Gino kicks back.
Home again, home again, jiggidy jug.


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