The weather wasn't too hot this year, but it made for interesting wave patterns and extremely high tides!

As usual, we spent most of our time on the upper deck.

Here's the view from the upper deck. You can sort of see the ocean!

Dad sets up fort in a cozy Adirondak chair. Every house we've ever been to has these Adirondak-type chairs, which makes me wonder if they shouldn't be re-named OBXers (pronounced Ohhbeee-eexxx-ers).

With the weather being as yucky as it is, we do what we can to entertain ourselves.

Ben attempts to hang jack from the ceiling fan.

The boys shoot some hoops--thug style.

Uncle Charlie takes some photos from the comfort of his OBXer.

And still, the weather does not cooperate.

In fact, it gets worse!!

The boys are so bored they go for a walk on the boardwalk!

Just as we're about to give up hope, Mom and Mary have a brilliant brainstorm!! In their moment of genius they remind us of everyone's favorite OBX pastime; "Let's go crabbing!!"

We caught more crabs this year than ever before!! And they're exceptionally fiesty ones too!

Stay in the pot, you little devils!

Man your hammers and crab-smashing tools, everyone!

Smashing them to smithereens is the funnest part.

Mmmmm...fresh crabmeat!

Ben is an Baby Crab Animal Rights Activist. He doesn't care if they are tasty treats, he refuses to partake.

That's fine with Tyler and Seth--"More for us!"

Crabbing is hard work! (Ben mocks the Crab-Eaters).

Deep in conversation after din-din.

Oreos for dessert! (And breakfast...and lunch...we're on vacation!!)

A nice hot soak after that exciting day is just the ticket.

Saying good-bye to the Atlantic.

On the way home we stop for pizza and discover the cutest little town!

It even has an adorable Salvation Army!!!

What a great discovery! And only five more hours to drive--ding!
We'll be back next year!