Images from our first few weeks at Greystone...

Toque-ing It Up
Suzanne dons the Official CIA headwear of choice: The Toque.
Thinking Caps
Ann: I can't believe we get to wear these hats every day! (So hot!)
Shira: These disposable toques have "Free Halloween Costume" written all over them!

Flour Power
From Ultimate Performer to Keith's Best and Artisan Malted to Snowflake -- We commune with the flours
Let's Get to Work People
Chef Isaac inspires us to fire it up!
Look at those Piping Skills!
300 sandwhich cookies later...
Discovering New Flavors
Mmmmmmm, gluten! C'mon, Ann, taste it! It's good, I swear!

Chef Isaac demonstrates genoise.
Quality Control
Rule #1: Taste everything!
Our first Bread
Snap, crackle, pop... it talks to us.
Artisan Breads
Those ones on the right are supposed to be baguettes, but Jing and I like to explore creative variations whenever possible...
Not exactly gold medal winners
But we've got seven months to improve! Ding!
It's supposed to have those big holes!
Sunflower seed bread