Our first stop is Chicago to visit Caitlin and Sam. College roomies united at last!

After almost missing the train (we literally had to jump on while it was moving!!), we go to a great little tapas joint where the sangria flows like water! DING!!

Calamari was one of our small dishes.

And the scallops were quite delish!

Ten plates of tapas and eight pitchers of sangria later, we're ready to hit the town.

After dinner everyone is about as tired as Dave looks in this picture, but Caitlin and I drag them all out for some dancing. (HOW can we be together in a big city and NOT dance? It would go against everything we believe in).

The next day, Dave and I check out the famous Giordano's Stuffed Pizza. This pizza is everything you've ever dreamed about and more. The chopped salad, however, left something to be desired.


Would you look at that crust?? And the deepness of the pizza itself: huge and oh so tasty!

After lunch we meet up with Cait and Sam for some fondue at Marly's Chocolate Shop.

With a selection of chocolates and dipping delights, it is the perfect after-lunch treat! (Or any-time treat for that matter!)

Completely impressed with this fabulous chocolate shop, we decide to buy chocolates for everyone we know. (Unfortunately, none of you got to enjoy them because, well, you'll have to read on to find out...)

Before we leave town, we decide to stop and see Wrigley Field.

Dave's especially excited about this stop.

Satisfied with our dose of baseball history, and on a tight schedule because we need to get to California, we head out; destination: St. Louis, MI!

Mississippi River or Bust!