Luis nominates himself Pour Master for the evening. (That means he's in charge of BOTH jug-handled bottles of Puerto Rican Rum). How are we supposed to resist that face?

Jen: confident she'll be able to resist the ever-tempting Luis and his exotic spirits.

What a hot Tropical Motifa! I'm afraid the palm is getting a bit limp, though.

You haven't partied until you've partied with the 'Hamton girls. There's nothing else like it!!

Except maybe cupcakes...

Or dancing! I think we're dancing in this picture. We could just be about to fall over...

Yeah. So I guess we fell. But it was probably part of the coreographed dance routine!

Caitlin and Dawn display the Big Red Plastic Cups that have become symbolic of the Y2K college drinking party.

That's a pretty big...bug bite...on Laura's neck. No wonder she's wearing a turtleneck!

Even Al Roker came to this party!

Judging from the look on my face, someone's going down!

Thank goodnes Caitlin was close by to hold my hand and get me through that traumatic episode!

Yup. We seem to be much happier now.

Let's all just hang out on the floor. It's way more fun (and, at this point in the evening, less dangerous) than standing up!

This is Dawn refusing to leave the party.