Goodwill: Gone With the Wind

Man oh MAN! We just cannot get enough of the quality goods offered by secondhand stores.

Let me set the scene for you:

It's February 22, 2003. The Queen Motifas (Carrie and I) decide (after hours of daydreaming and a week of evenings spent tormented by fantastical dreams...) to venture into the capital district for some hardcore thrift shopping--Queen Motifa style!

After thorough examination of two thrift establishments, we come to the conclusion that S & A Boutique definitely rocks the monetarily-challenged, but style-savvy student's world. The selection, prices and organization one finds at Salvation Army stores completely blows Goodwill out of the water!! So what are you waiting for!?! The Bargain Basement is calling!!

Who knew that Troy, NY houses one of the HOTTEST S&A Boutiques around?!?! Such fashionable clothing!! We love the retro coats, but found that most of them had sleeves that were just way too short. Were women formerly appendage-ly challenged, or are we orangutans? Rust-orange leather like this must have come from an exotic animal of some sort: can we say "natural water repellent"?!?! I THINK WE CAN!! Carrie models a psychadelic dress from a bygone era. I bet the girl who last owned this had some serious fun; who needs chemical stimulants when you've got a girlfriend wearing a dress like this?! Another great feature of commercial thrift stores: the extensive audience they con into donating goods. Carrie finds a shirt with a picture of someone else's pet plastered on the front. "Big deal," you say? THINK AGAIN, BUDDY!! The key here is that whoever made this shirt must have previously owned Carrie's newly acquired dog, because it looks EXACTLY like Lucy!! We are ready to hit the beach (or perhaps the set of "Oklahoma!") in these stylish-ish straw head coverings. Available with or without contrasting ribbons. Yours for only $1.19 only at Salvation Army!