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Aosta 28 June 2008
The night before the wedding we decided to stay at a new agriturismo. Well, actually we didn't have much choice since our usual B&B was full. It turned out to be a cute, well-restored little place with a great restaurant.
Maison Rosset, our Agriturismo in Nus At dinner
Chin chin! The view from our room In our room; Luca talks to the bride
The bride & groom's car The church in downtown Aosta Friends
Here comes the bride! I love the light in this one At the altar
If she could just stand still for just one second... Ten minutes into the ceremony..."Is my mom here yet?" Rice Art
They look like they're plotting something... I like to call this one "Rice Attack" Playing with rice
Anna and confetti The Bride Outside the church
Some people threw pasta as well, which somehow ended up inside the lace of Silvia's dress. Unfortunately, while shaking her dress to get the pasta out, one of the straps broke off! Here's mom trying to fix pin anyone? It looks like they're freezing, but it was a really hot day!
Sister of the bride Newlyweds Dressed in blue
Blue shoes! Smoking After the ceremony, we head to the mountains to party it up.
The happy couple arrives right away. Luca catches up with old friends In a dramatic presentation, we open a bottle of champagne with a sword and have a lovely aperitivo. (Check out the awesome selection of gourmet cuisine)
Champagne bucket...though the champagne doesn't last long enough to get put back in! Drink up! The staff all had on adorable mountaineer outfits.
Polenta Special prosciutto from Aosta Silvia enjoying the evening
Polenta Silvia enjoying the evening Special prosciutto from Aosta
Laughing Time for dinner - check out the menu! I tried to take pictures of all the courses, but got lost somewhere in the middle...Here's the salmon course
Flan Ravioli Cheers
Cake Cake topper Fruit - a refreshing change of pace.
Favors...the famous candy coated almonds Dancing The morning after
Silvia & Emanuele