Spiderman comes to town!

The New Spiderman Movie

May 4, 2002


Jen and Tom (who are not pictured here because I accidentally and STUPIDLY deleted their picture--'doh! sorry guys!) invited Jay and I to dinner at (what most consider to be) THE BEST restaurant in Binghamton: The Lost Dog Cafe. They were having a special Cinco de mayo celebration (even though it was the 4th of May) and there was EXTREMELY LOUD festive live music, which interfered somewhat with conversation...but it was still a good time!


(Enlarged to show detail)

And this is one of the major reasons why this cafe has the reputation it does: Mambo Chocolate Love. It's only THE best dessert in the Southern Tier. If you're ever in the area--you MUST stop and try it! The cafe also has EXCELLENT dinner and a crazy fun atmosphere to boot!


Mambo Chocolate Looooooove


OOOHHH! It's SOO FUNNY to smash dessert into someone else's face, isn't it? (hahaha! It really IS. I haven't laughed so hard since the pigs ate my little brother!)


Oh, I dare say, this is Quite tasty after all! Lup Lup Lup!!


Jay doesn't much like getting his picture taken.


Spiderman...no, Mystery Man!! Can you guess who this is? We took lots of pictures in front of the theater, but none of them came out!!


Tom and Jen! Can you see them?!


Tragical nighttime photography! I think I need to brush up on those skills. Jen and Tom and me and Jay, Caitlin and Luis met us at Loews for the premiere of Spiderman! Everyone enjoyed it (arguments ensued regarding the ending, which some found to be extremely lacking).


At Denny's afterwards Caitlin puts some lip gloss on...


Then she tries to put some lip gloss on Luis (sporting Spiderman attire in hopes that someone would ask him for an autograph). He fights hard to avoid her...closing his eyes and wishing himself far far away.


Unfortunately for Luis, Caitlin succeeds. Awww, don't cry...or is that your sexy pout??

Fun Night!!