It's not Valentine's Day, but passion is always in season... Let's celebrate!
You may have noticed that there are RARELY men in these pictures... this does NOT mean that we don't appreciate the male species--quite the opposite in fact. It's just that most of "our" boys travel out of the country a lot on movie shoots, live far away from Binghamton or are non-existant.

This particular love-fest was actually an exception to the usual circumstances, as two boyfriends were available to help us celebrate. Still, a 2:8 boy:girl ratio does NOT cut it!! So, we comissioned some sit-in Hearthrobs from an old game to bring some testosterone into the evening.

Caitlin demonstrates the properly passionate way to eat Mocha Chocolate Love Cake.
Jen converts her festive heart garland into a love halo.
Even Luis, Caitlin L.'s hunk-of-choice, sports a holiday crown!
Caitlin K. and Sam.
Mooo-ah! Let's get the party started!
Moved by the spirit, we groove in the kitchen...
And in the living room...
And in the kitchen...
Back in the living room, Caitlin breaks out her mad breakdancing skillz! (I think this move should be called The Caterpillar).
The Caitlins: Booty2
Gettin' hot in here...Dawn appears to be helping Cait take her shirt off--perhaps in preparation for the next song: "Raise Up!" (For those of you not familiar with Hip Hop, our dance music of choice, the song goes something like: "North Carolina, c'mon and raise up! Take your shirt off, twist it 'round your head: spin it like a helicopter"). **Note the romantically roaring fire in the background!
Caitlin works on making love-inspired, life-like representations with modelling clay.
Things are really starting to heat up!!
Frances, Jen and Laura: This is the first successful surprise party we've ever had!
Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Friends, wine, music, fun!
Roomies / Hostesses collapse after a vicious water war.
WHAT a party!
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