Binghamton Cityscape

Surviving in the Wild
Binghamton girls visit "The Rockies of the East."

Karaoke Night
March 28, 2003
College students turned Superstars!

An Un-Valentine's Day Celebration
Being successful on your own terms makes an enduring statement, especially when you're a righteous babe.

Holy Daiquiris!
Bringing the Caribbean to Broome County.

A cross-cultural celebration with old friends and new.

Rendezvous at The Rock
Time to get away from school for awhile...

Movin' out the dorms:
And into our very first apartment.

Juniors On The Town
Plus, we celebrate Justin (Timberlake?)'s birthday.

Dickinson Community Semi-formal
Junior Highish mixers are retro-chic!

Japanese Cuisine
Seeking out culture in the Southern Tier.

Jen's Birthday
March 2, 2002
Friday Freetime

Where are we now?